June 24, 2016


Hi, I'm Valonda and I'm addicted to weddings. I go to a wedding almost every weekend. No, really I do. Here's how that happened. My husband Randal started his DJ business in 2006. He'd been a DJ since he was a little boy but he was ready to make a business out of it. I suggested we target weddings and the rest is history.

I go to weddings with Randal as the MC. I make all the announcements about things like the bridal party entrance, when it's time to cut the cake, the bouquet toss, etc. I'm also a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. That happened by accident because on so many occasions I was forced into that role. (I'm not a wedding planner and I love my wedding planner friends.) That means I work with brides and grooms who plan their own wedding and I execute it on the day of the wedding.

Because I attend so many weddings and have developed relationships with wedding industry professionals, I have learned a lot of things participants and guests should do and shouldn't do. That's what this blog is about. I want to share my experiences so that you the reader will have a great day and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Stay tuned!

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