July 18, 2016

Wedding Guests Who Killed The Game

It's time to give credit where credit is due so I'm saluting wedding guests I spotted over the weekend who absolutely killed the game with their attire.

The wedding reception was at Fort Bragg's Iron Mike Conference Center and it began at 5pm.

I LOVE to see well dressed young fellas at weddings and Jason blew me away.

Jason's wearing a Seersucker suit by Ralph Lauren and shoes by Steve Madden. His mom told me she found the ensemble at Macy's in Orlando. The jacket is on sale at Macy's right now for $55.99. Get it here. Check here and here for two options on the wingtips.  

Alesha's outfit was beautiful but what impressed me the most was how great of a bargain shopper she is. She told me the dress was from Burlington Coat Factory and cost around $16.99, the necklace was from WalMart and the shoes are from Bakers Shoes and cost about $30. My response was "where did you find a Bakers. I haven't seen that store in years." She found everything in Atlanta. Good job Alesha!! 

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